Active Birth Workshop

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What is the workshop about?

This Active Birth workshop will be like an empowering journey through labour and birth. Learn about the physiology of labour and birth. Understand your body and why it’s more beneficial to give birth in an Active Birth manner. Learn how to move with your intuition during labour while listening to your body. Practice upright positions and learn why they might be more helpful. Learn how to trust in your body and how to allow your hormones to flow optimally. Your partner will also learn how to best support you through labour and birth. You'll learn about the golden hour after birth, about the placenta and the cord.

Pregnant woman, holding one hand on her large belly and the other holding a bouquet of flowers.

What is Active Birth?

Janet Balaskas founded the Active Birth Movement in the early 1980s (and she’s who I learned from). Active Birth is based on three main ideas: the instinctive use of upright birthing positions, the natural release of your own birth hormones during labour and birth and being empowered to make your own educated choices during labour and birth. The Active Birth Workshop is a birth preparation course. It is not a workshop that teaches you how to give birth, because your body already knows how to give birth, as well as your baby knows how to be born. This workshop is more about teaching you about how clever your body is and about awakening the instinct that is already in you. You will learn how to trust your body and how to best follow your birthing instinct to have a more comfortable birth.

Benefits of Active Birth

Have freedom of movement during labour and birth.
Learn which positions are most beneficial during labour and which during birth and how you can support the process with your breathing.
Actively make more space in your pelvis through movement.
Better blood flow to your baby, which brings oxygen, nutrients and the hormone oxytocin.
Your uterus works more efficient of you are in an upright or forward leaning position.
Gravity helps your baby descend.
Facilitate the right amount of birth hormones to help labour progress efficiently, receive natural pain relief and bond with your baby after birth.
More likely to have a spontaneous natural birth.
Active Birth is empowering.
Gain more trust in your body and in the process of labour and birth.
Awaken your birthing instinct which is already in you.
Reduce pain and have a more comfortable birth experience.
The partner can also benefit from valuable tools to support the birthing person during labour.
Pregnant woman and partner, both holding their hands on her baby bump.


"The Active Birth course closed all the remaining gaps I was left with from the birth preparation course I had previously attended. Needless to say Active Birth went beyond the careful explanation of the physiological processes of labour and birthing and made it clear to me why it is important to stay active and thus empowered during birthing. The exercises and different positions we were shown and also encouraged to practice together with our partners during the course have opened my eyes to being able to self determine the whole process more individually and choose what would be best for myself during labour and birthing."

A. & L.

"Oana is a wonderful teacher with a need for accuracy and a strong sense of giving through the right information at the right time. Her skills in relaxation methods are also worth mentioning. The 10 minutes of relaxation therapy included in the Active Birth Course were on point and really well led. We recommend the course to any future mother who wants to be confident and in control of the labour and birthing processes."

M. & D.

Janet Balaskas Active Birth Workshop™
taught by certified teacher Oana


The participation of the birthing person as well as their partner is included in the price.

Limited to max. 12 participants per course, including partners.

Please note that until further notice the local 2G+ regulations (proof of vaccination or recovery plus a negative test) apply for on-premise workshops in Germany.

Contact me if you want to book private sessions.


Can I attend the workshop without a partner?

Yes, definitely! During the workshop, we will also explore the role of a partner during labour and birth, but you can also attend the workshop on your own. However, if you know there will be someone with you during labour and birth, I recommend you do this workshop together.

Will I have a more comfortable birth after taking this course?

Life is unpredictable, so no one can tell how your particular experience will be. This workshop is providing you with some of the knowledge you need in order to take your own decisions in your particular situation. Most probably you will benefit from this course as you learn how to trust into your body and to give in to unique experience of birthing a baby.

Will the workshop be held in English?

Yes. I'm planning on also offering a German version in the future. I'll announce it on the website as soon as it's available.

How many participants are in the workshop?

There will be a maximum of 12 participants, including partners.

Do I have to pay extra for my partner to join?

No. When you book a spot, you book per couple, so you don’t have to pay anything extra for your partner to join.

When should I do the workshop?

Ideally from 30 weeks onwards, but you will also benefit if you do it earlier in your pregnancy.

What do I need for the online workshop?

You would need a yoga mat (and one for your partner), plenty of cushions and an exercise ball (65 cm would be ideal).

I already participated in a birth preparation course. Does it make sense to also attend this workshop?

Yes. The Active Birth Workshop can complement a regular birth preparation course. This workshop will teach you valuable tools that a regular birth preparation course doesn’t offer. The Active Birth Workshop is filling a gap that will give you the confidence you need to increase your chances of having a natural birth. There might also be some information that you’ve heard already, but most likely in much more detail and with a different focus.

What if the workshop can’t take place because of new regulations related to SARS-CoV-2?

If the workshop can’t take place in the studio, it will most probably still be possible for us to meet online. The price for the online workshop remains the same.

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Your body knows how to give birth and your baby knows how to be born.